Our Mission

The mission of the Tibetan Ecology Foundation is no less than to preserve the balance of the ecosystem. We will do this by operating environmental conservation programs and by encouraging people to be environmentalists in their everyday lives. The only way to make this planet peaceful, and the only way to ensure long lives for ourselves and for future generations, is through constantly working to maintain our ecosystem. Our motto is “Protecting the planet, one conscience at a time.”

Environmental conservation is the responsibility of everyone. The earth is in the care of all humanity, from the homeless to world leaders. But no one can accept that responsibility without first learning about the issue. TEF’s modest wish is to spread education about the environment. Our focus is on the protection of the environment in the Tibet Autonomous Region and on the education of the people in the communities therein: Qinghai, Gansu, Yunnan, and the Sichuan province of China. TEF is not a political organization. It is an environmental organization. Its goal crosses borders: to protect the planet which is shared by, and which is in the trust of, every member of humanity.