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Tibetan Ecology Foundation G.L.A.S. Foundation

Tibetan Ecology Foundation

Tibet Eco-Tours“Knowledge is power” –Francis Bacon

TEF is a non-profit charitable organization established in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and incorporated in December 2006.  Our mission is to provide environmental educational materials in the Tibetan language and to promote environmental conservation on the Tibetan Plateau.

This work is crucial: there is a dearth of environmental material available in Tibetan, yet Tibet, as the source of the seven major river systems of Asia, is hugely influential on the health of the greater Asian and world ecosystems. For Tibetan people to responsibly manage their ongoing modernization, they need to understand environmental issues. In order to protect Tibetan ecology, our first and most important action is education.

We are non-political.  The environment is not a political issue; it is a planetary issue.  We believe the protection of the ecology of the Tibetan Plateau is worthwhile to both China and Tibet, and we believe the responsibility belongs to both the Chinese people and the Tibetan people.  In fact, environmental protection connects all regions and all nations, because we all share in a greater ecosystem.

We work to overcome the language barrier.  An important task we have set for ourselves is the translation of books from Chinese and English into Tibetan.

TEF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the US. As such, your donations are tax deductible. We need your support to continue our important work.


G.L.A.S. Foundation

G.L.A.S. Foundation is a Tibetan run NGO devoted to the promotion of traditional Tibetan arts in Tibet itself.  It is focused on the establishment of a Tibetan Art School (TAS) in Southern Tibet. TAS intends to train 18 students every 3 years with a focus on traditional Tibetan painting, music, and woodwork. It will thus offer courses in the following subjects: Tibetan Thangka Painting, Traditional Music, and Woodwork Training. The TAS project is located in Dadang township, Danang county, Shanan prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region, China. This is 200km south of Lhasa on the way to Tsetang (Zedang).

G.L.A.S. Foundation has 13 rooms of different sizes which can be used as classrooms, bedrooms for teachers and students, a kitchen and an office. There are approximately 625 m2 of yard space with the rooms which can be used as the woodwork workshop. The entire space which the school would occupy is 900m2.

These days there are many wonderful ethnic cultures and distinctive local traditions throughout Tibet. However, due to the advent of modern technology, many of the traditional Tibetan art skills and techniques are being lost. The goal of the Tibetan Art School is to preserve traditional Tibetan culture through teaching artistic skills to a new generation of young Tibetans, and providing them meaningful occupations in which they can use these skills in economically viable ways. Another goal is to provide an opportunity to traditional teachers who want to share their valuable artistic skills to new generations of students.


Tibetan Ecology Foundation G.L.A.S. Foundation

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