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Although Tibet, the “Roof of the World,” averages 12,000 feet above sea level, it sustains a unique and fragile ecosystem with an astonishing variety of plants and animals.

In fact, every major climatic condition on earth is represented on the Tibetan Plateau, from forest, grassland, river valley and lakes to alpine tundra, all with a pristine beauty that astonishes most Westerners.

It’s also a region crucial to the ecology of the world, holding, within its borders, the sources of the seven largest rivers of Asia, including the Yangtze, the Yellow, the Mekong, the Indus, and the Ganges. Together these rivers provide drinking water for 40% of the earth’s population.  All of these river systems are under development, with dams and hydroelectric projects planned or under construction.

Tibet Eco-Tours offers a chance to witness firsthand the beauty and challenges of life at the top of the world, with amazing ten to 25-day tours of Central and Northeastern Tibet.  Their packages include all arrangements and accommodations, taking the hassle out of visiting this exotic land.
Six tours are available ranging in cost from $1,900 to $5,139 per person (not including airfare).  Custom tours are also available for individuals or groups.

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