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Tree Planting Tour to Tibet

Tibet Tree Plating Tours
Duration: 10 days
Locations: Xining, Kubum Monastery, Kokonor Lake, Qinghai lake Chapcha, Yello River, Sun & Moon hill, Mangra (chi: Guinan).
Orignality: Tibet Eco-Tours
Tour Code: TTPT
Cost: $2225.00
Departure: March 28th, once every year.

Trees For Tibet“Trees For Tibet” was launched in 2000 by Lobsang Dargye and his father Buja in Amdo, Tibet. Because of environmental degradation, a grassland is turning into a desert. The sand now covers 3.7 million mu, or 61,000 acres, and Tibetan nomadic life, a truly green lifestyle, is in danger of disappearing.  Your tour will support Trees For Tibet as they work valiantly to prevent desertification in Guannan (Mangra) County.  Mr. Buja petitioned for and received permission from his local government to plant trees on 26,000 mu (4283 acres) of land.  So far, he has planted approximately 800,000 trees and kept virtually all of them alive.

Ten percent of your travel fees goes directly to Trees For Tibet, regardless of which tour you book.  We encourage you to take the Tree Planting Tour.  Your mission is to buy trees in the city and plant them on Mr. Buja’s preserve.  A tree costs less than $1.00.  In your work, you will be able to work with Mr. Buja, see firsthand what he has already accomplished, and participate with your own hands in the project’s future.

Trees for TibetWhether you choose the Tree Planting Tour, a Bird Watching Tour, a Holy Sites Tour, or the River Source Tour, your choice of tour company makes a difference.  When you travel with Tibet Eco-Tours, your guides will be (English speaking!) Tibetans, working for Tibetan-owned tour companies, and you will stay in Tibetan-owned hotels.  Tibet Eco-Tours believes in supporting the local ecotourism industry, thus raising the value of the Tibetan Plateau’s pristine beauty even higher in the eyes of its own people.

Tree Planting Tour is an effort of the Tibetan Ecology Foundation (501 (c )(3), USA) and Trees for Tibet.


Trees For Tibet MapDesertification visible by Google satellite in Amdo, Tibet.

Tibet Tree Plating Tour Brochures; PDF

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