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Tree Plantation

River Bank




Tibet Eco Tours was founded to support Tibetan Ecology Foundation, a not-for-profit specializing in environmental education related to the Tibetan Plateau.  There are many ways in which you can volunteer to help Tibetan Ecology Foundation in its work.

Click here to register for volunteer.

You may choose to share your photos with Tibetan Ecology Foundation and Tibet Eco-Tours.  We are interested in photos of mountains, rivers, birds, mammals, architecture, art, street life, etc.  If your photos are selected to add to our library, you must sign a release form.  We will credit you for your work.

File type: JPEG, TIF, RAW
Resolution: minimum 300 DPI
Amount: minimum 5 photos
Date: Year and Month
Location: Name of location

Please read the detailed itinerary for additional requirements to earn a refund 5% of your trip.

During the time of your tour, we encourage you to take videos for your remembrance.  We would also be happy if you would volunteer to share your video with us.  It does not necessarily need to be of professional quality.  We may use your video in promotion for Tibet Eco Tours, or it may become part of a documentary film for Tibetan Ecology Foundation.  If your video is selected, you must sign a release form.   We will credit you for your work.

File type: Mini Dv type, Card
Resolution: HDV or DV
Aspect ratio: Any
Duration: Minimum 10 minutes

Trees for Tibet MapTree Planting
Tibetan Eco-Tours will arrange a tree planting tour. You will buy trees and plant them.  It will then be cared for by Lobsang Dargye Centurier and Trees For Tibet. If you would like to volunteer to plant trees please let us know. Tibet Eco-Tour will make special arrangements for you with your tour.  We do NOT charge an additional fee.

Cleaning River Bank
Tibet Eco-Tours will organize groups of people to clean up river banks. We ask you to join us in this program. The region’s population is growing, and there is not a culture of recycling.  Cleaning up river banks is a practical service to the community. It also will set an example and bring awareness of this issue to the local people.

If you are a writer we would like you to write about the environment and ecology of Tibet. During the tour you may keep notes. If your work is selected, you must sign a release form. TEF will credit you for your work and not change your content.

If you have a special skill, then you may propose a volunteer mission relating to your work.  We cannot promise that we can arrange anything, but we are certainly interested in discussing any ideas that you have.

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