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Tibet Permits

Tibet Research PermitTibet Entry Permit

Every non-Chinese citizen must apply for a Tibet Entry Permit when entering the Tibet Autonomous Region, regardless of whether you are flying in or driving by car or train.  Your TEP is included in your tour package. Processing takes three working days, delivery time adds three more days.


Tibet China Alien Travel PermitAlien Travel Permit

Foreign travelers must apply for Aliens’ Travel Permit in order to travel any place out of the Lhasa area.  This permit is also included in your tour package.  If you travel with only a Tibet Entry Permit and do not have an Aliens’ Travel Permit, you will be stopped by police, and you will have legal problems.

Tibet Military Permit
Tibet Military Permit

These permits cannot be sold or bought by individuals.  They are only available to travelers who have already booked with a tour company.  In order to receive a permit, we must submit your entire itinerary.  Please, discuss all your plans with us before you book.

Tibet Travel Permits

Tibet Eco-Tours will obtain the necessary permits for your tour to Tibet. Usually there will be different kinds of permit but Tibet Entry Permit is the first thing that you must apply for to get into Tibet.  Other permits include:   

  • Alien Travel Permit
  • Border Permit
  • Journalist Permit
  • Military Permit
  • Overseas Tibetan Permit
  • Research Permit
  • Tibet Entry Permit

Tibet Entry Permit

Every foreign traveler will need a Tibetan Entry Permit whether coming overland or by flying. At the airport and on the road you will be asked to show your permit. This permit has to be ready before you enter Tibet. It is part of your tour package. Before you book your tour with us you have plan ahead your itinerary. We will help you to discuses and planning your tour. That way it easier for to apply your permits.

Tibet Alien Travel Permit

Tibet Alien Travel Permit if good for many restricted areas in Tibet. Public Security Bureau of Tibet is incharge of issue the permit.

Getting your Tibet Entry Permit

Tibet Eco-Tour will obtain the permit for you in Lhasa on behalf of you. Required is a copy of your passport that has a clearly printed:

Full name
Date of birth
Passport number
(by email or phone)
Your profession will be confirmed by email or phone.

If you are a diplomat, government official or journalist, please contact Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet:
From China; 0891—6331466
From Outside China: 0086 891 6331466

Cost for a Tibet Travel Permit

The permits are part of your tour package.  Without booking a tour, the permits are not available. If someone tries to sell you an individual permit, it will either be fake or illegal.  Please check with your travel agency.

Processing Time for Tibet Travel Permit

Tibetan Entry Permit processing time is three working days.  
If you have any questions about Tibet Travel Permits, you may contact us for a free consultation.  Call 847 772 1430 or email


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