Labrang Tibetan Incense

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$10.00 (1 box have 3 bundles, 1 bundle =40 sticks, 1 stick 11.5 inch long )

$5.00 (1 bundles)

Labrang Monastery

The Labrang Monastery, one of the six largest monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism, has a three hundred-year-old history, and it has a rich, unique, practicing experience in manufacturing Tibet incense. Labrang Tibetan incense of the brand “Steed,” deemed as precious as jewelry, has a significant role among the traditional Tibetan incenses. It is the fruit of wisdom of Tibet. Labrang Tibetan incense is based on the techniques and the medical theories among five top schools of Tibet’s magnificent culture, and it is based on the gems of formulas by famous doctors and dignitaries throughout history. It is manufactured with precious medicinal materials and various natural perfumes such as saffron, nard, nutmeg, leguminous, red sanders, white sandalwood, and Liujia. Labrang Tibetan incense is the superior incense for offerings made to the three treasures of Buddhism, and it is beneficial for doing good deeds, warding off evil, sterilization, decontamination, air purifying, and flu precaution, etc. It can make you relaxed, happy, and wish-fulfilled, thus is helpful to your work and living. Labrang Tibetan incense is the indispensable treasure for making offerings to Buddha, and for offices, public places, and living rooms.