Item Description Total Total USD Grand Total
Research and editorial Identify and describe animals ¥24000.00 $3,582.00 $27,999.00
Photos Permissions and copyright: we
are expecting the WWF and other organizations to donate many images
¥20100.00 $3,000.00  
Translation Fees for the translators and assistant translators ¥30,000 $4,477.00  
Fact checker One person who will check the facts of the book before it is printed ¥10000.00 $1,500.00  
Graphic designer Cover and other parts of the book Volunteer $0.00  
Proofreader To check grammar and punctuation ¥3,350.00 $500.00  
Printer Will be printed in Asia to minimize costs  ¥80000.00 $11,940.00  
Distribution We will provide copies at no charge to Tibetan schools in Tibet, China, India, Nepal ¥6800.00 $2,000.00  
Management Administration, paperwork and communication costs   $1,000.00  

Write checks to: Tibetan Ecology Foundation
Address: 103 G Street Apt B106
Washington DC 20024

Cash or for other payment, please contact at
or call us 847 772 1430


Thank you,

Tsultrim Gyatso
Director of the Tibetan Ecology Foundation

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