Culture and Values

As Buddhists, the Tibetan people have long held great respect for the value of the lives of animals.  But with globalization, the expanding need for resources and the flow of modernization from west to east, life is changing on the Tibetan plateau.  Tibetans’ habits and values are influenced by a new and different lifestyle. As the old culture is in danger, Tibetan respect for wildlife is in danger as well.

Modernization and environmentalism are not incompatible, but education is crucial if Tibet is to modernize while preserving its habitat.  In these modern times, there are many more schools, and young Tibetans are receiving education in Tibet and in many other countries.  TEF believes it is urgent to make information available for this new generation in their native language.  If the next generation of Tibetans loses its language, culture, and values, they are losing a treasure.
There is a Chinese slogan, “Education is fundamental to the great hundred year plan,” and there is the well-known English saying, “Knowledge is power.”  TEF believes education is critical to how the young generation preserves their environment as they modernize.

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